little portugal on dundas:

neighbourhood banners

a project with biography design

each banner is 30" x 60"


coming to dundas street west, toronto

Spring/Summer 2020 

as part of biography's scope for rebranding LPD, the neighbourhood banners needed a fresh new look.

banners along some of Toronto's main streets (ex. college, yonge, dundas), are typically simple, with a single banner design that is repeated to line the entire strip. 

biography challenged this notion and proposed 12 unique banner designs, to provide a wider variety and to tell a story to the neighbourhood's pedestrians. 

i was tasked to create an outline in subject matter for these 12 individual designs, source photography, manipulate found imagery consistently with a halftone as well as the brand's colours, create the compositions and ensure that the work i've put together can be sized up for a 30" x 60" banner with minimal distortion + maximum visibility.

each banner is double-sided. side one is a tile design (created by my colleagues at biography) and side two is a photographic collage divided into 3 categories; imagery from portugal, imagery from dundas street in toronto and lastly, portuguese and, canadian imagery together.